Dubbed the ZoneFlow Bayonet Reactor, the innovative technology uses a single-pass tube using excess heat in syngas to create more hydrogen.

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According to the company, recirculating syngas through the Bayonet Reactor transfers the heat in the syngas to the cooler reactant gases entering the reactor, contributing 15% – 20% of the heat required for hydrogen production.

As a result of this, the process results in a corresponding reduction in the demand on, and the expense of, the furnace and its fuel.

The company additionally hope to test the commercial version of the reactor in 2022 ahead of further commercialisation for the hydrogen market.

Bruce Boisture, President of ZoneFlow Reactor Technologies, said, “Securing this U.S. patent is a milestone achievement as we work toward commercialising new technologies that make cleaner, more efficient hydrogen production a reality.

“We are pleased about the Bayonet Reactor’s potential to enable energy producers to increase hydrogen production with an unprecedented level of efficiency.”


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