Wrightbus has accelerated the rollout of hydrogen bus transportation across the UK and has been pivotal in developing the hydrogen value chain within the UK’s mobility sector.

The company also have developed a hydrogen-powered double decker bus which is expected to be used across the UK and enable cleaner transportation.

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1,000 new hydrogen-powered buses planned for European roads

Not only is the UK a focus for Wrightbus, the company has also been a part of the H2Bus consortium which in 2020 eyed opportunities to distribute around 1,000 hydrogen powered buses for European roads.

Conor Burns, Minister of State for Northern Ireland, visited its Ballymena factory to learn more about how hydrogen could be crucial in achieving a green economy.

Burns also discussed the UK Government’s Zero Emission Bus Region Areas (ZEBRA) scheme and how it is helping to increase the demand for production for zero emission buses in Northern Ireland.

Conor Burns said, “During my visit here, I have been delighted to see how the £11.2million investment which the Government has made is helping Wrightbus in developing and manufacturing low-cost hydrogen fuel cell technology for buses.

“The UK Government is committed to achieving its net zero goals and the zero-emission buses produced at Wrightbus in Ballymena are helping to ensure that local transport authorities in Northern Ireland and across the UK have the supply they need.

“Wrightbuses can be seen around the UK, in cities such as London, Birmingham and Aberdeen, as we strive to meet our Net Zero by 2050 target together.”

Neil Collins, Managing Director of Wrightbus, said, “The adoption of zero emission public transport is a vital step in meeting goals on climate change and in moving away from our reliance on oil and gas.

“We were delighted to welcome Mr Burns here to talk about the work we are doing, which includes a significant increase in the production of zero-emission buses.

“This year we will be doubling production compared to 2021, with buses going into service across the UK and the island of Ireland.

“We will also see a significant switch in our output from 70 per cent diesel buses in 2021 to around 70% zero-emission buses in 2022.”

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