The vehicles are set to be trialled in Australia, where it is hoped they will form part of the country’s push towards hydrogen power.

Volgren has already produced close to 10,000 bus bodies, including battery electric. The partnership could prove important in Australia’s green energy transition in the mobility sector.

Wrightbus revealed that the partnership will see the manufacture of two zero-emission hydrogen single deck buses, powered by its NexGen hydrogen fuel cell powertrains.

The same technology has already proved successful in the company’s StreetDeck Hydroliner, which hit one million miles of service last week.

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Buta Atwal, CEO at Wrightbus said, “This is the first time we’ve exported our powertrain technology to a bus body manufacturer, the first time we’ve entered the Australian market as a business, and the hydrogen buses will be the first of their kind to be built in Australia, so this is a significant deal for everyone involved.

“We know from our extensive experience the significant part hydrogen can play in the decarbonisation of public transport and we believe the scope for uptake across the Australian market is huge as the country makes the vital switch to zero-emission vehicles. We’re excited to be in from the start.”

The deal has been praised by the UK Government’s Department for International Trade, after it provided assistance to Wrightbus to break into the Australian market, following the UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement, its first independently negotiated agreement in more than 50 years.

Thiagro Deiro, Chief Executive Officer at Volgren, believes that the deal is significant for the Australian economy as well as its move towards green transport.

Diero said, “By collaborating with Wrightbus we’re securing local jobs in Australia’s zero-emission future and creating knowledge and experience in hybrid fuel cell technology.

“Volgren has always been at the vanguard of adopting new technologies. We’ve proven that with the development of our Battery Electric Buses and now we have the opportunity to do the same with our first hydrogen fuel cell prototype.”


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