Mr. Atwal exclusively told H2 View, “We are challenging and approaching new territories all the time. And hopefully next week we’ll be announcing another territory that we are all selling into.

“It is our medium-term view to not only be the UK’s largest bus manufacturer, but go beyond into other territories, Europe and obviously Australia today.”

The Wrightbus CEO’s comment comes after the company said last December that it intended to double its production output of hydrogen-powered buses in 2022.

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With the buses already proving popular on UK roads, with fleets in service in London, Birmingham, Belfast, and Aberdeen, the boss’s comments could see a huge scale up in production for the Northern Ireland based company.

Wrightbus revealed a deal earlier today, that will see it providing Volgren with its NexGen hydrogen fuel cell powertrains, already used in Wrightbus’ operational, StreetDeck Hydroliner and GB Kite Hydroliner.

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A step that appears to be in line with the Australian National Hydrogen Strategy, which identified the transport sector as one of the most exciting prospects for hydrogen.

Atwal commented on the latest partnership, “The opportunity is of high value to us and also our technology is of high value to them.

“The partnership is a perfect way of expanding into a market that is distant. They speed up their technology drive and we speed up our expansions.”

H2 View understands news of companies and locations Wrightbus is planning on partnering with will be released next week.


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