Believed to be a world first, the development distributes multiple integrated powertrains incorporating batteries, fuel cells, hydrogen storage, and smaller electric motors across the wings, instead of just a single centralised hydrogen fuel cell system.

News of the development comes at a time when pressure is being put on the aviation industry to slash emissions by looking at alternative flight technologies such as hydrogen and battery. However, battery has so far only seemed well suited in short-haul flights.

H3 Dynamics’ work on its ground-breaking technology comes four years after it filed international patents for full-scale distributed hydrogen propulsion and announced plans for “Element One”, a visionary hydrogen aircraft that applies this technology.

Today, the company’s hydrogen flight dreams are one step closer to reality, with the system set to begin test flights in France in the coming weeks.

Taras Wankewycz, founder and CEO of H3 Dynamics, said, “Today’s announcement marks a key milestone for H3 Dynamics and the broader aviation industry. It’s the world’s first real-working propulsion system capable of being distributed on the wings of new zero emission aircraft.”


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