In developing this new technology, it provides another avenue to produce hydrogen whilst also minimising the carbon emissions from the production process.

This could enable a faster scaling up of the industry and immediately support the generation of hydrogen to increase demand.

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Wood believes the pathway to reduce emissions and create a more sustainable future, whilst also meeting increasing demand for energy, lies in reducing the carbon intensity of hydrogen production.

The company has said that the new SMR technology, applicable for both greenfield and brownfield projects, will reduce CAPEX and OPEX for operators while improving the environmental footprint and efficiency of new or existing hydrogen production assets through integrated pre-combustion carbon capture.

Andy Hemingway, Executive President of Wood Consulting, said, “The potential of hydrogen as an energy vector has become a key factor in achieving a low-carbon future.

“This innovative new generation of SMR technology will provide low-carbon hydrogen production for our clients across a wide range of end uses and will enable them to deliver on their net-zero objectives.”


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