According to the group, green hydrogen can play a vital role in Ireland’s transition to a net-zero society, boost the economy, and make energy supply more secure.

These major factors have been outlined within a new report published today dubbed Hydrogen and Wind Energy – The Role of Green Hydrogen in Ireland’s Energy Transition. 

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Ireland’s abundance of wind energy provides a perfect platform to generate green hydrogen when coupled with wind farms; this can then be utilised through hydrogen storage to create clean energy when wind energy is low.

Through this study, Wind Energy Ireland is calling on the Government to make several changes to ensure that the nation’s hydrogen future is secured.

With this, Wind Energy Ireland is calling on the Government to release a robust hydrogen strategy by the end of Q2 2022, setting out targets across industry, heavy road transport, shipping, aviation and power generation.

As well as this, the Government should immediately establish a high-level cross-Government Group to develop recommendations to cut the price of renewable electricity so we can produce green hydrogen as cheaply as possible and compete internationally.

Noel Cunniffe, CEO of Wind Energy Ireland, said: “Ireland has an enormous opportunity to transition rapidly to a zero-carbon electricity system, and green hydrogen can play a vitally important part in getting us there.

“In addition to delivering the wind energy targets set out in the 2021 Climate Action Plan, we must plan for the long-term replacement of our existing gas generator fleet with green hydrogen and long-duration storage over the next decade.

“This will help ensure that we have a reliable source of power that can deliver when the wind doesn’t blow, and the sun doesn’t shine.

“Ireland is one of a handful of EU Member States without a hydrogen strategy. The Government must accelerate the development of a robust hydrogen strategy so that by the middle of this year we are setting out targets for green hydrogen use across industry, heavy road transport, shipping, aviation and power generation.

“Ireland is ready for green hydrogen, but we need a clear signal from Government that they are committed.”


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