With these concluding, the positive results provide Pilot with a strong position to develop clean energy projects across the region with hydrogen set to be generated on a globally competitive basis.

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As well as this, the studies also highlight the potential to produce clean ammonia for emerging and existing Asian markets and thus could become a key player in the clean energy space.

The conclusion of the studies could see Pilot begin development of several projects and bringing together players across the industry to achieve these.

Brad Lingo, Chairman of Pilot Energy, said, “Pilot is very excited about the results emanating from the feasibility studies. The results not only show how competitive an integrated clean energy project can be in Mid West Western Australia, but also outline a clear multi-stage development path starting with carbon capture and storage.

“ We can build off this platform to produce clean power and hydrogen for the domestic market and ultimately moves into  production of low-cost clean ammonia for export as the new clean fuel for Asian energy markets.”

“This staged development path is very much in the reach of the Company in terms of financial capacity and technical delivery taking advantage of the existing Cliff Head Oil Field infrastructure and operations.

“The Company is very focussed on delivering a First-to-Market CCS Project in the Mid West to anchor the further development of a clean hydrogen/ammonia and renewable energy project.”


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