The state becomes one of the first to officially submit a proposal with the Mountain State’s abundance of renewable energy set to be coupled for mass hydrogen production and the integration of several end applications to boost the hydrogen economy.

This could include applications in industry as well as various uses within the transportation sector.

West Virginia already has a rich background in coal, gas and oil and thus could have an extensive list of potential hydrogen customers that can be utilised to surge demand for the clean energy carrier.

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Another important factor is the availability of skill energy workforce and with West Virginia’s already established energy sector, the jobs could transition to hydrogen and support the emerging technologies and projects.

US Senator Joe Manchin, Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, said, “With our abundant energy sources and strong partnerships, our state is uniquely situated to compete to develop a hydrogen hub.

“I am incredibly proud of the efforts of our bipartisan group to put forward a great proposal that showcases how West Virginia can continue to lead the country – and the world – in advancing energy technologies and bring good-paying jobs to the state.

“West Virginia has a long history of powering our great nation, and the West Virginia Hydrogen Hub Coalition is our opportunity to power the future right here in the Mountain State.”

US Senator Shelley Moore Capito said, “The proposal to participate in the Department of Energy’s Hydrogen Hub submitted today makes the case for something many of us know already: that West Virginia is well-suited to be a national leader in emerging energy production both now and in the future.

“Along with a prepared workforce, economic infrastructure, and geographic advantages, our state has a history of being an energy powerhouse with a proven ability to adapt and export both fossil fuels and renewable resources, including hydropower, wind, and solar.

“This is yet another opportunity for our state created through our Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and I’m proud of the proposal we, as members of the Hydrogen Hub Coalition, put forth on behalf of workers and families across West Virginia.”


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