The strategic agreement could prove to be an innovative new method to commercialise Ways2H’s waste-to-hydrogen technology and boost the company’s capabilities.

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By combining the two technologies, renewable atmospheric carbon will be converted into a form of stone providing a new avenue in which to utilise hydrogen and decarbonise an innovative new process.

According to the companies, for every kilogram of hydrogen produced through the Ways2H process, there will be 32kg of CO2 sequestered which is equivalent to 3,000+ fossil-based passenger vehicles taken off the road for each Ways2H system in operation.

The CAPTICO2 systems will be bundled as a standard to CEE’s Ways2H systems. The companies have already initiated work on a demonstration project in Europe and CEE will soon be integrating CAPTICO2’s solution to the Ways2H commercial systems.

In addition to this, the two companies will also work on exploring and refining additional synergies between the two processes, which have already been identified as potential opportunities for process efficiency improvement.

Jean-Louis Kindler, CEO of Clean Energy Enterprises, said, “Green Hydrogen, produced via electrolysis, powered by renewable electricity, will be a challenge to future large-scale production.

“The world needs all the renewable electricity it can produce to reduce our dependance on fossil fuels for conventional grid applications and the predicted increase in consumption for EV charging.

“Our Waste to Hydrogen solution is already a major improvement to hydrogen production pathways, as it is already a zero- to low-carbon solution with the added feature of addressing the world’s waste problem.

“Thanks to our cooperation with CAPTICO2, we will be able to propose a fully integrated, true carbon sink to send carbon back to where it belongs: locked into stone.”

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