First broadcast in December 2022, Shell shared its perspective on the big successes in hydrogen in 2022 and what this means for 2023; how these individual ‘wins’ coalesce to ladder up to the progression of the hydrogen economy as a whole; what the key hurdles are to overcome; and a broader view on what to expect in the year ahead.

As one of the six ‘Big Oil’ companies, Shell in recent years has repeatedly stated it sees opportunities across the hydrogen supply chain, saying it intends to be a leading player in the global hydrogen market.

The Hydrogen Vice-President told the webinar, “There’s a definite spring in our step when it comes to hydrogen and the role that hydrogen can play.” Bogers explained that the troubles being faced across the world is driving more momentum, pushing for several problems to be solved at once.

“I think all of the energy crises that are evolving around us are actually driving more momentum,” he said. “It’s not about looking at energy affordability, energy security, and environmental impacts individually, but looking at it as a holistic problem, that all three things have to be solved at once.”

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