Formalised with the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI), Mitsubishi will review the technology and explore commercial opportunities for waste-to-hydrogen facilities using Powerhouse Energy’s Distributed Modular Generation (DMG®) technology.

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Hydrogen Utopia signs agreement to introduce plastic waste-to-hydrogen technology to Ostrów, Poland

The DMG® technology wis able to transform plastics that would otherwise contaminate the environment into increasingly sought-after road fuel quality hydrogen for use in diverse applications, in the race to meet Net Zero targets.

Mitsubishi will have a period of one year to review the technology under the LOI, unless extended by mutual consent with any decision to deploy the technology would be subject to further detailed agreement(s) between the parties.

With gate fees in Japan for the tipping of plastic waste running high, and a national commitment to diverging away from fossil fuels, switching to renewables and a Hydrogen powered economy, there’s huge hope on the horizon for HUI’s progressive waste to energy grand plan.

The DMG® technology continues to be expanded worldwide with many European countries already exploring opportunities to deploy the technology.

Aleksandra Binkowska, CEO of Hydrogen Utopia, said, “Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has led the development of environmentally friendly technology in Japan for the last 40 years, helping to move towards a carbon neutral world.

“We are privileged and honoured to have entered into this agreement with Mitsubishi, which we are very hopeful will lead to a roll-out of HUI facilities across Japan.

“I would particularly like to thank Anna-Mariya Yordanova for her relentless hard work to help deploy this cutting-edge technology in Japan, an industrially dominant nation of foresight that sees what a crucial role DMG® could play.”

Making hydrogen happen

This March, H2 View will explore A Climate for Action and Investment in Europe in an immersive event that features some of the leading stakeholders and influencers in hydrogen, as well as a return to in-person networking and the opportunity to meet the Women in Hydrogen driving the agenda forward.

Taking place in Munich, Germany, confirmed speakers already include the Hydrogen Council, Hydrogen Europe, Clean Hydrogen Partnership, FiveT Hydrogen, Airbus, Nel and Michelin.

Further information on the event, agenda and confirmed speakers can be found here.

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