Viridis is aiming to prove that carbon free, hydrogen-powered, transportation in the maritime sector is achievable and has developed its ecosystem of partners over the past three years.

The company’s vessels are designed to support charterers cargo capacity needs and have a similar range to the current fleet of short sea bulk vessels, with orders for ships expected to be received by the end of 2023 and deliveries beginning in 2025.

Each vessel has been designed with the customer in focus and Viridis has ensured close collaboration with client partners and key suppliers, such as the eight charterers in the ‘Flexbulk NH3 Ammonia Power’ consortium project.

The award was announced by Espen Barth Eide, the Norwegian Minister for Environment and Climate, in Oslo this morning (September 26).

© Viridis Bulk Carriers

Eide said, “The world’s energy systems must become emission-free if we are to succeed in reaching the goals we have set ourselves in the Paris Agreement. For shipping, this requires us to adopt new technologies and sustainable zero-emission fuels.

“The projects that Enova supports make an important contribution to this. Here, the entire breadth is covered from demand, distribution and use of hydrogen and ammonia, development of technology for CO2 capture on board ships, all-electric operation of ships as well as charging facilities for these.”

The ‘Flexbulk NH3 Ammonia Power’ project aims to ensure that cargo capacities and operational capabilities are just as future proof as the power technology and emissions reductions, with the vessel being designed by Kongsberg Maritime.

Viridis is also working with Yara Clean Ammonia, Azane Fuel Solutions and others in the ‘Ammonia fuel bunkering network’ project, where the company is making sure that ammonia fuel will be available once the vessel begins operations.

Peder Jarlsby, Board Member at Viridis Bulk Carriers, said, “We are building a new fuel value chain by leveraging partnerships from production to bunkering to providing an ammonia-powered shipping service. We solve the ‘chicken and egg’ dilemma by having them both appear at the same time.”

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