With this, a low-carbon supply of hydrogen will be produced and utilised within refuelling infrastructure in order to maintain the upkeep of hydrogen vehicles on Californian roads.

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GreenStat to expand hydrogen reach into US and global markets with new investment

According to US Gain, feedstock selection is becoming a crucial aspect of hydrogen production especially within regions that have strict clean fuel programmes.

Using RNG for the feedstock in hydrogen production can enable a significantly lower CI score boasting improved environmental benefits in addition to economic value for the hydrogen generated.

Mike Koel, President of US Gain, said, “The opportunity to supply RNG into hydrogen production was a natural fit for US Gain’s growth strategy.

“Our job as a vertically-integrated RNG provider is to leverage insight on both ends of the energy supply chain – determining the best development and supply opportunities. Hydrogen is a long-term strategy that enables our existing RNG supply to perform well in future markets.”

Scott Hanstedt, Director of Sales at US Gain, said, “Being able to keep CI scores low while maintaining fleet performance offers sustainability benefits and a compelling value proposition that is hard to ignore.

“As a polyfuel provider we’re working with fleets to evaluate where hydrogen makes sense along their fuelling routes and look forward to building out their fuelling infrastructure network, supplied with RNG-based hydrogen.”


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