With the signing of a letter of intent (LOI) ASL plan to purchase 10 Universal Hydrogen ATR 72 conversion kits for installation into the group’s existing or future turboprop aircraft fleet.

This will see the use of hydrogen in ASL’s aviation operations potentially sparking an acceleration of the clean energy carrier within the aircraft sector.

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Once a collaborative network study and an aircraft assessment is completed, the conversion kits will be installed on the ATR 72 planes and operated on services across Europe.

An ATR 72 will also be delivered to Universal Hydrogen to be used as a cargo test and certification aircraft.

In connection with the aircraft conversions, Universal Hydrogen and ASL will also enter into a long-term fuel services contract with Universal Hydrogen agreeing to provide green hydrogen fuel to power the converted ATR 72 aircraft in ASL’s fleet.

Dave Andrew, CEO of ASL Aviation Holdings, said, “Air cargo has a unique opportunity to lead the aviation industry as it moves to meet ambitious carbon emissions targets.

“In ASL we are committed to being a first-mover in the introduction of new emissions reduction technology in our current fleet and hydrogen has a significant role to play with aircraft such as the ATR 72.

“Aviation cannot wait to act for a decade or more before new aircraft types become available, and by working with Universal Hydrogen we can create a bridge to new aircraft that will allow us to immediately reduce our carbon footprint in line with the environmental sustainability commitments in the ASL Group ESG Policy.”

Paul Eremenko, co-founder and CEO of Universal Hydrogen, said, “In order to reach Paris Agreement targets for aviation emissions we can’t focus on passenger aircraft alone—the cargo market is significant and growing. It’s exciting to see a leading operator like ASL deeply aligned with our vision to make hydrogen the universal fuel for aviation.

“ASL’s customers represent some of the largest air freight users in the world, and we welcome the opportunity to provide them with a truly clean way to meet growing delivery demands.”

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