Although initially focussing on unmanned aircraft the partnership plans to scale research and innovation within this field and progress to manned flight as well.

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Included within this initial exploration of unmanned aircraft will be small drones and large cargo delivery drones with H3 Dynamics developing and supplying fuel cell powertrain solutions.

To support this, Universal Hydrogen will provide green hydrogen fuel logistics using its modular capsule technology.

Further down the line, the manned aircraft include eVTOL and other light aircraft segments whilst also supporting the regional aircraft market.

Paul Eremenko, co-founder and CEO of Universal Hydrogen, said, “This partnership is an instant force multiplier for the scale and reach of both companies and will enable us to move faster to offer true zero-emissions solutions across a broad range of aircraft.

“For this reason, we are also looking at standing up a joint R&D centre in Toulouse, France, as Toulouse is a critical talent hub for us both.

“Energy transition for a complex and expansive sector like aviation requires a whole-value chain approach, where each segment of the hydrogen value chain is ready at the same time.

“This collaboration between H3 Dynamics and Universal Hydrogen allows us to complete the hydrogen value chain for several rapidly growing aviation segments, and to do it much more quickly.”


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