Revealed on Wednesday (April 20), the Zero Emission Flight (ZEF) Delivery Group will aim to invest £685m ($895m) over the next three years in a bid to progress hydrogen aviation innovation and expand the UK’s zero-emission flight capabilities.

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Hydrogen is being lauded for its aviation potential, with several companies actively investing in a hydrogen-fuelled future.

The clean energy carrier holds plenty of attributes that could make it a mainstay in the aviation industry as it looks to a sustainable future. Despite this, each solution must be explored to support the greater need to reduce carbon emissions in the present.

This is just one of the many ways the aviation industry is looking to decarbonise the industry with sustainable aviation fuel, renewable diesel, hydrogen, and battery-electric all expected to play a significant role in the future.

However, should hydrogen be regarded as the end goal for the aviation industry? And how can all solutions support decarbonisation?

This argument, and the other zero-emission solutions, will be explored in H2 View’s upcoming May edition and will showcase why all will be needed in a net zero society.

Speaking on the announcement, Grant Shapps, UK Transport Secretary, said, “From the first jet engine created here in the UK, Britain is truly a world-leader in flying. Now we are determined to revolutionise flying and we want to see everyone have the opportunity to travel guilt-free.

“We are determined to bring forward the flight technology of the future, and through our new Zero Emission Flight Delivery Group, we will help create thousands of jobs around the country and take another step toward zero emission flights.”

Rachel Gardner-Poole, Chair of Zero Emission Flight Delivery Group, said, “It is a great privilege to be asked to be the Chair of the ZEF Delivery Group and I am committed to the critical work ahead to make zero emission aviation a reality.

“I am passionate about using innovation and technology to create a positive impact on our planet and look forward to collectively addressing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us.”

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