The speech, written by the Government, sets out its legislative agenda for the new parliamentary session.

The Queen’s son, the Prince of Wales read, “My Government will improve transport across the United Kingdom, delivering safer, cleaner services and enabling more innovations. Legislation will be introduced to modernise rail services and improve reliability for passengers.”

Continuing, “My ministers will bring forward an Energy Bill to deliver the transition to cheaper, cleaner, and more secure energy. This will build on the success of the COP26 Summit in Glasgow last year.”

The so-called Energy Bill, which if passed would put into law a transition to cleaner energy, would be well received by many renewable energy companies in the UK.

Dr. Nick Cooper, CEO at Storegga responded, “HRH The Prince of Wales rightly stated that we need to act urgently to reduce our carbon emissions and safeguard our energy supplies.

“The UK now has the opportunity to lead the world in establishing a thriving decarbonisation industry, which includes the production of greener energy sources like hydrogen, and the capturing and removal of CO2 from industry and the atmosphere.

“But we can only do this if we establish supportive regulatory frameworks for these businesses, which will create opportunities for pent-up international investment to be deployed, drive knowledge sharing and create jobs.

“The Energy Bill announced today can help deliver the certainty investors need through the creation of a new Future System Operator, and new powers for the Government to introduce financing models for low carbon hydrogen production and carbon capture.”

Last week, Storegga announced a project to decarbonise three of Scotland’s most famous distillers, using green hydrogen, powered by offshore wind.

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Dr. Cooper concluded, “It is vital that the legislation promised today is brought forward soon. We look forward to working with the Government to make that future a reality.”

The Queen’s Speech will now be debated in the House of Lords over five days.