And its hydrogen-related plans do no stop there. Alongside the above, Cadent has also promised education and training to help deliver on its ambitions, and also support the wider hydrogen economy. Focusing on education, the company will also launch a hydrogen skills academy and develop a hydrogen education programme by 2024.

The UK’s largest distributor of natural gas, Cadent has already started moving towards low carbon energy like hydrogen. But now with the release of its 10-point plan, its commitment to decarbonising homes and heating is now stronger than ever – and arguably so is the whole of the UK’s.

Whilst Cadent is obviously very eager to roll-out points displayed in its plan, the distributor says that achieving its goals will require the UK Government to put measures in place to support the large-scale production of hydrogen. Something which was recently highlight in both the Prime Minister’s 10-point plan and the UK Hydrogen Strategy.

On the release of its plans, Steve Fraser, Chief Executive of Cadent, said, “No one should be left behind on the journey to net zero. Our ambition is to make hydrogen a safe, fair and reliable choice for consumers.

“Achieving the full potential of this 10-point plan, will require collaboration with industry and government to deliver regulatory frameworks that enable the blending of hydrogen into the gas grid and support new hydrogen infrastructure.

“Hydrogen production will need to be scaled up and investment secured. We believe this should be aligned with a mandate to introduce ‘hydrogen-ready’ boilers as soon as possible.

“This means as existing boilers naturally become defunct, households will replace them with green boilers, meaning homes will be ready to switch to 100% hydrogen when it’s introduced into the network in the future. As a result, this will mean no major disruption or upfront costs for millions of people across the UK.”

Other commitments outlined in the strategy include providing financial support for low carbon heating for its employees, publishing plans to demonstrate heat decarbonisation of whole communities by 2025 and install hydrogen-ready appliances by 2026 or sooner.

The full Ten Point Plan can be accessed here.

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