With memorandum of understandings (MoU) signed with the food companies, each will integrate DCCTM Hydrogen boilers into their operations in order to decarbonise the supply chain.

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Protium, Jericho Energy to decarbonise Bruichladdich distillery with hydrogen technologies

This presents an entryway for hydrogen into food logistics and an opportunity to showcase the potential of hydrogen solutions across various industries.

The MoUs will initially focus on selecting facilities in order to integrate the hydrogen boilers before initiating a company-wide deployment of the boilers across both companies.

Brian Williamson, CEO of Jericho Energy Ventures, said, “The path to net-zero emissions must include partnerships and collaboration.

“At the core of our collaboration agreements with these industry-leading food companies is the potential to develop an innovative and integrated hydrogen offering for commercialisation and deployment of smarter, cleaner, and more economic energy solutions.

“People care about how food and beverages are made and the emissions that go into these processes. These leaders are setting an example of how to transition the production of high-quality food to a cleaner more environmentally sustainable process.”

Janet Reiser, President of Hydrogen Technologies, said, “Our zero-emission DCC boiler system can significantly improve the way food is made with regards to reducing dangerous greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are very much looking forward to working with many more leading food and beverage companies from around the world as they look to follow suit and move to decarbonise operations in a practical, efficient and timely manner.”

H2 View introduces: Jericho Energy Ventures

How many times and for how long have we heard about ‘the hydrogen economy’? Broadly defined, the hydrogen economy is an almost fanciful concept where we all drive around fuel cell electric passenger vehicles while heating our homes from electrolytic hydrogen piped to us from the lowest-cost renewable assets in the world.

However, many of these concepts act as a red herring and feed the naysayers at the expense of the real-world technology and innovation that is required to leverage the universe’s most abundant molecule in reaching out net-zero goals. At Jericho Energy Ventures, we believe in the power of hydrogen, grounded in real-world efficiencies and economics, to propel our energy systems, mobility, and industrial processes towards decarbonisation.

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