The agreements outline for German-based Uniper and E.ON each to purchase 500,000 tonnes of green ammonia per year from EverWind’s planned Point Tupper hydrogen hub in Nova Scotia, which is anticipated to be the first of its kind in Canada.

Expected to reach commercial operation in early 2025, the Point Tupper hub will see the production of green hydrogen and ammonia through multistage developments.

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Trent Vichie, CEO of EverWind, said, “Green hydrogen and ammonia will play key roles in the fight against climate change and the desire for improved energy security in Europe. By working together with our partners in government, industry and Indigenous communities, we are sending a clear message to the world that we are in this together.”

News of the agreements come the same day that Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz are expected to sign a landmark deal to establish hydrogen supply chains between the two countries.

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Commenting on the signed agreements, Chancellor Scholz, said, “The transformation of our industry continues. Therefore, I am pleased that E.ON and Uniper each have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the supply of green ammonia from 2025 on with the Canadian company EverWind Fuels. This is an important step not only to strengthen our bilateral economic relations, but also for a future-oriented and sustainable energy supply.”

Jonathan Wilkinson, Canadian Minister of Natural Resources, took the opportunity to underline Canada’s role in the global energy transition. He said, “Canada has enormous potential as a reliable supplier of energy in a Net Zero world. Our government is committed to working with our allies to ensure Canadian resources ensure clean energy security at home and around the world.”

Klaus-Dieter Maubach, CEO of Uniper, said, “One of Uniper’s major goals is the effective decarbonization of other industries as well as its own, while still being able to provide security of supply. Especially, in these times Uniper is delighted to start the partnership with EverWind to accelerate the energy transition and diversify our supply.

“We are excited to cooperate towards an offtake from EverWind in Nova Scotia.”

Gabriël Clemens, CEO of Green Gas Division at E.ON, added, “Together with the power of EverWind, we target to supply especially small and medium-sized companies – hidden champions with hundreds of thousands of jobs. And municipal institutions reaching millions of people. In doing so, we will close a gap in Germany and Europe. We are on the launching ramp of a fascinating journey.”


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