The region’s port facilities, workforce capacity and proximity to Asian trading partners make Townsville an ideal location for a green hydrogen hub.

It would also create jobs, support Australia’s transition to a clean energy economy and encourage decarbonisation in sectors like transport, which the government is also investing $89.5m (€58m) to build hydrogen refuelling stations along Australia’s busiest freight routes.

Anthony Albanese MP, Prime Minister of Australia, said, “Australia is already one of the largest exporters of energy in the world.

“A thriving hydrogen industry here in North Queensland will be critical for us to become a renewable energy superpower as well.”

With matched funding, the region will see a $140m (€90m) investment in renewable hydrogen to supply the rest of the world as fuel, energy generation and storage, or as a chemical feedstock.

The government’s investment in hydrogen hubs has now reached more than $525m (€338m), which includes the Regional Hydrogen Hub program funding for projects in Gladstone, the Hunter Valley, the Pilbara, Port Bonython and Bell Bay.

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Last year, the Australian Government confirmed it had allocated $288m (€185m) to Tasmania and South Australia to develop hydrogen hubs in the region.

The area includes an advanced manufacturing zone, access to renewable energy, appropriate infrastructure, water availability in addition to port access to export the clean energy carrier.

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By 2050, the hydrogen industry in Australia is hoped to generate $50bn (€32bn) in additional GDP, create over 16,000 jobs and an additional 13,000 jobs from the construction of renewable energy infrastructure to power the production of green hydrogen.

Chris Bowen MP, Minister for Climate Change and Energy, said, “It is important that we support hard-to-abate sectors, including heavy industry and transport, to reduce their emissions and achieve Net Zero by 2050.

“These regional hubs will give our green hydrogen industry an early-stage springboard to scale, which will help to promote further growth and investment in clean technology.”


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