Reuters has reported the plans announced by Rob Jetten, Dutch Minister for Climate and Energy, will see a €750m ($786m) investment in the development, with the Dutch gas network operator, Gasunie managing and operating the network.

Gasunie has said it will develop the network in coming years, after which it will operate the transmission system, while playing a role in the storage and import of hydrogen to feed the network.

H2 View understands in year to come, the network is planned to connect seaports with large industrial clusters in the country, with a view to establish connections with Germany and Belgium, something Gasunie has said will facilitate the growth of the hydrogen economy.

The gas operator has said approximately 85% of the national network will consist of recycled natural gas pipeline, as the nation phases out the gas.

Han Fennema, CEO of Gasunie, said, “Gasunie is very positive about the hydrogen plans announced today by Minister Jetten. We believe that hydrogen will play a major role as the energy carrier of the future. We now start the construction of the public hydrogen network in the Netherlands, which will be a great boost for the transition towards a more sustainable energy system.”

In 2020, the Netherlands’ hydrogen strategy underlined the potential to use the country’s ‘unique starting position’ in the gas value chain to become a world leader in green hydrogen production and use, with further plans to establish hydrogen hubs at three major ports presented to the government

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