The approval will allow Tevva to start producing and selling the battery-electric vehicle (BEV) in volumes across the UK and Europe, coming as a key regulatory step in the development and commercialisation of all vehicles.

Achieved for the EU and UK with the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) and the Swedish Transport Agency (STA), the truck underwent 30 system tests to gain such approval.

Having unveiled its first hydrogen fuel cell-supported 7.5 tonne truck in June last year (2022), Tevva has said the hydrogen-powered variant will follow suit later in 2023.

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According to the company, its hydrogen truck offers an enhanced range of 354 miles (570km) compared to its BEV which it says can achieve up to 140 miles (227 km).

Tevva has already made moves to launch full production of the hydrogen-powered vehicle, having signed a multi-year supply agreement with Loop Energy for its fuel cells, with commitments in excess of $12m through 2023, extending to 2024.

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Asher Bennett, founder and CEO of Tevva described the BEV approval as the company’s “most important landmark” achieved to date, adding, “We are on a mission to make sustainable trucks accessible at scale and believe our technology will empower the transport sector and the governments of Europe to meet their Net Zero goals.

“By embracing both hydrogen and electric fuel sources, we can rethink the energy mix in transport, reduce strain on our electricity grid and accelerate electric truck adoption.”

At H2 View’s Mobility Snap Summit last November (2022), Harsh Pershad, Head of Hydrogen at Tevva told viewers that hydrogen allows the company to reach a larger portion of the commercial market.

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“Our hydrogen-electric truck address multiple needs,” Pershad said. “When people have long ranges with complex terrains or high variability between routes, the combination of hydrogen and electric allows you to meet those needs.”

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