The expansion of capacities offers a 60,000 square-foot facility to its partners to bring new, innovative technology and hydrogen-powered vehicle systems to market faster and more efficiently.

Under the establishment of hydrogen testing capabilities, the facility now provides the ability to safely detect and manage hydrogen gas or flames. Additionally, the system includes a low-pressure, constant supply of hydrogen directly fed into a vehicle’s fuel cell, providing extended test runs while minimising downtime for refuelling.

H2 View understands Allison recently collaborated with one of its OEM partners to successfully complete testing of the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle at the VEETC. Additionally, Allison says OEMs are scoping fuel cell vehicle testing projects for later this year.

Thanks to the expansion, the centre now has capabilities to support external customer test and validation programmes for vehicles powered by ‘every major propulsion type’, including diesel, petrol, natural gas, battery electric, and hydrogen fuel cell.

David Proctor, General Manager of the Vehicle Electrification + Environmental Test Centre for Allison, said, “Manufacturers of electric vehicles, including battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell and electric hybrid systems are recognising the value of reducing product development and validation timelines by utilising Allison’s Vehicle Electrification + Environmental Test Centre to assess their vehicles in a controlled thermal environment capable of simulating a broad range of duty cycles.

“We are excited to expand the facility’s capabilities to support our OEM partners as they develop and optimise alternative fuel offerings intended to reduce emissions.”


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