Revealed last Thursday (June 2), the Belgian company hopes Alverá’s new role will help fast-track decarbonisation goals and energy security in Europe.

Alverá will now head up the Wilhelmshaven Green Energy Hub project in Germany, which is set to supply 250TWh of carbon-neutral energy to the country by 2045, with green hydrogen at the core of the development.

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New TES CEO, Marco Alverá

With 20 years of energy experience, having worked at Goldman Sachs, Enel, Eni, and most recently CEO of Snam, Alverá also authored the book, The Hydrogen Revolution.

Paul van Poecke and Marcel van Poecke, Executive Co-Chairs at TES, both said, “We are excited to have attracted an outstanding executive to lead TES as the company embarks on a bold new chapter.

“Marco has had a distinguished career in major energy companies, having been the CEO of Snam, a world-leading energy company and hydrogen leader, for the last six years. He is recognised as a global leader in the energy transition with unrivalled experience, particularly in hydrogen.

“Marco has the skills and experience to further develop TES to its full potential. He is an authentic, progressive leader with a passion and clear sense of how to tackle the decarbonisation agenda.”

H2 View understands, following his appointment, Alverá will also become an investor in the company.

Marco Alverá, CEO at TES, commented, “I am impressed by the team at TES and the platform they have created. They share my vision of fast-tracking the energy transition in cost-effective ways by using existing infrastructure to accelerate the supply and access of green hydrogen.

“This exciting opportunity will allow me to continue my life’s work of pushing the energy transition forward through innovative hydrogen projects. I am honoured to invest in and usher this industry-leading company through its next chapter.

“I look forward to leveraging my experience across both electricity, gas and hydrogen at a time when Europe and the world are raising ambitions and targets to achieve decarbonisation and energy security.”


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