Created as part of a collaboration with BB2 Labs, the proactive hydrogen production management software also provides a zero-touch model providing a foundation for an advanced analytics engine.

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This allows the engine to learn each production unit’s unique demand, storage, and production behavioural profile and leverage this understanding to bolster several areas of the units.

This includes reducing operational staffing overhead by auto-adjusting production levels to best match overall distribution demands and significantly extend operational lifetime of production units by minimising high impact on/off cycles.

As well as this, the units can also reduce operational expenses and improve financial insight thru predictive planning and what-if modelling based on real-world data analysis and gain efficiencies with a solution that benefits organisations running 1 production unit or 1000s of units at scale.

Sam Balooch, Chief Information Officer of Tersus Power, said, “The Tersus Power hydrogen generation station is ground-breaking technology. BB2 Labs, partnering with Tersus Power, is poised to turn the completed design of the analytics package into reality.”

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