Under the collaboration agreement with AVL List GmbH, TECO 2030 will contribute to the DemoTruck project, which plans to construct a class 8, 40 tonne truck, with over 300kW net fuel cell system integrated into a standard truck chassis.

Set to be powered by the Austrian Government backed HyTruck fuel cell system, AVL’s DemoTruck will hope to leverage on previous experience of the two companies, who in 2020 teamed up to develop a hydrogen fuel cell system for heavy-duty marine applications.

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H2 View understands the prototype hydrogen-powered truck is planned to be on the roads in mid-2023.

Tore Enger, Group CEO of TECO 2030, said, “We are excited to team up with AVL again in a new project where our fuel cell stacks will be validated in a class leading heavy-duty truck application as early as mid-2023!

“This opportunity positions TECO 2030’s Gigafactory in Narvik, [Norway] as strong contender for the upcoming upfitter market for trucks way before the promised market entry of the OEM’s by 2030.

“This new venture will ensure additional revenue streams for our fuel cell stack production.”

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Falko Berg, Manager PEM Systems at AVL, added, “I am really excited to see the TECO 2030 stacks perform in an additional heavy-duty application other than marine. With the carbon plate stack design, we laid the foundation for pretty much everything heavy-duty and it is absolutely key to find these common denominators across industries.

“This is the only viable way to make sure that our customers like TECO 2030 succeed and are able to utilise their upcoming Narvik plant for additional needs besides their main business. Customers looking for off-the-shelf solutions will be very happy to see that this world class facility can support their heavy-duty product in a timely manner.”


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