With this, the partnership will explore opportunities for relevant green hydrogen or fuel cell projects ranging from offshore fish farms or other heavy-duty customers.

This provides a new basis in which to decarbonise much of Norway and will support the acceleration of both hydrogen and fuel cell technology by increasing supply and demand for the clean energy carrier.

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Ultimately, the partnership will also support the decarbonisation of much of the region whilst focusing on crucial hard-to-abate sectors to reduce the overall carbon footprint.

As part of the agreement, GenH2 will incorporate TECO’s marine fuel cells into its seaborn value chain enabling the transportation onboard vessels powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

Tore Enger, CEO of TECO 2030, said, “We are excited to continue the development of creating a maritime hydrogen value chain.

“Gen2 Energy is an exciting industry leader aiming to supply the UK and mainland Europe with green hydrogen from Norway.

“Together we can create a world-class maritime and heavy-duty hydrogen infrastructure foundation to build our zero-emission future upon.”

Jonas Meyer, CEO of Gen2 Energy, said, “We are pleased to sign this MoU with TECO 2030. The company has strong presence in the maritime sector and has taken an attractive early mover position towards fuel cells.

“Together, we aim to reduce emissions in the maritime- and heavy-duty sector by making green hydrogen accessible and easy to adapt for our customers.”

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Back in March, H2 View spoke exclusively with Tore Enger, CEO of TECO 2030 to find out more about the gigafactory.

© TECO 2030

This time last week, TECO 2030 unveiled further plans for Norway’s first-ever gigafactory. Today, H2 View sits down with the company’s CEO Tore Enger to find out more about the major development that is set to transform the hydrogen-powered marine industry.

Confirming Narvik as the gigafactory’s new home, TECO 2030 said it hopes to transform the municipality into Norway’s hydrogen capital. To make this goal a reality, the company is promising a lot of jobs, with 500 set to be created during pilot production and full-scale industrial production.

TECO 2030 expects to invest a total of approximately NOK 1bn into the facility over a ten-year period. During this development phase, the site will be able to reach its full potential, producing fuel cells with a capacity of more than one gigawatt per year.

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