Unveiled by SuperTurbo Technologies, the SuperTurbo improves the efficiency of diesel, hydrogen, and natural gas internal combustion engines while significantly reducing harmful emissions.

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McLaren Engineering, a division of Linamar, will produce prototype units for durability testing ahead of full commercialisation.

The SuperTurbo is a mechanically driven turbocharger that provides “on-demand” boost to internal combustion engines, which provides the ability to precisely control and balance boost pressure and air-fuel ratio.

It supports 7.5L to 16L internal combustion engines for both on-highway and construction applications, where increasingly strict emission and carbon regulations require advanced air management systems.

Mark Herbst, CEO at SuperTurbo Technologies, said, “SuperTurbo’s partnership with Linamar brings our company one step closer to commercialising a technology that can significantly reduce emissions, increase engine performance, and lower fuel costs relative to competing engine boosting technologies.

“Linamar is a world-class manufacturing enterprise and an ideal partner for our company as it progresses into the critically important stage of delivering a commercial-ready product to market.

“We look forward to leveraging Linamar’s vast global resources to manufacture and launch new products globally.”

Linda Hasenfratz, CEO of Linamar, said, “We are excited to partner with SuperTurbo to produce prototypes for durability testing of their revolutionary product that significantly reduces emissions of hydrogen, diesel and natural gas internal combustion engines while achieving higher levels of productivity and lowering total cost of ownership for the on-highway and off-highway commercial vehicle market.

“We consider SuperTurbo a leader in bringing this technology to market which will have a positive impact on our environment.”


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