Demand for hydrogen is also expected to grow significantly in the near future and thus this plant can be expanded to have a capacity of more than 1GW per year.

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In providing further capacity for hydrogen production, Sunfire is able to support the hydrogen supply chain whilst also positioning itself at the forefront of the market.

Nils Aldag, CEO of Sunfire, said, “Since we founded Sunfire in 2010, we have believed in electrolysis to be a key technology for achieving climate neutrality. We have worked hard to develop a highly efficient and reliable technology in numerous demonstration projects.

“Now it is time to fully tap into its potential. We will be expanding our annual production capacity of pressurised alkaline electrolysers from 40 MW per year to at least 500 MW per year by 2023.

“Ambitious regulatory initiatives to cut carbon emissions in all sectors of the economy are fostering a rapid growth of the global hydrogen market until 2030.

“Hence, we are already planning a further scaling to more than 1 GW per year.”

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