With India planning to produce five million tonnes of green hydrogen annually by 2030, to establish itself as a product and export hub, as well as to meet its own climate objectives, H2 View’s Snap Summit will hear from companies and organisations to address how the renewable energy hotspot that is India could fast-track its green hydrogen adoption.

During the first session of the day, focusing on mobility on road, rail and in the skies, the summit will hear from Arnab Chatterjee, Vice-President of Infrastructure at ZeroAvia.

Having worked in the energy and environment sector for 16 yeas, across investment, strategy, and leadership roles, Chatterjee joins the hydrogen-powered aviation innovator ZeroAvia from Shell, where he was the Global Technology Programme Manager for hydrogen.

With an MBN from INSEA, an undergraduate degree in Chemistry, and a DPhil in Physical Sciences from Oxford University, Chatterjee is undoubtably going to offer knowledge from some of the leading global companies within the hydrogen market.

Joining the mobility session is Prashant Singh, Chief Manager of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, one of the world’s oldest and largest aerospace and defence manufacturers.

With the company having partnered with ZeroAvia to accelerate the development of hydrogen fuel cell-electric powertrains and baring extensive knowledge from the existing aviation sector in India, Singh will provide lessons from both Hindustan’s and ZeroAvia’s experiences.

The second session will switch its focus to energy solutions and how hydrogen can power both the grid and off-grid life. The interactive session is set to hear from Siddharth Mayur, founder, Managing Director, and CEO of H2e Power.

Having started the company in 2009, H2e’s vision is to bring 24/7 clean, green, reliable and affordable energy to all. As an early entrant to the climate change ecosystem, as the developer of India’s first fuel cell and electrolyser firm, Mayur among the most qualified to speak on the topic.

In the final session of the summit, focused on hydrogen leadership in India, the panel will attempt to determine how the clean energy carrier can be fast-tracked in the country.

Stefano Innocenzi, Senior Vice-President of New Energy Business at Siemens Energy has been with the firm since September 2021 and has focuses on driving forward its green hydrogen and power-to-x business.

As one of the leading technology companies in the hydrogen industry, Innocenzi’s invaluable insight from his time at Siemens will offer key lessons that could be utilised in India’s hydrogen development pathway.

More speakers will be announced in the coming days, while more information on the event and how to attend can be found here.