The award recognises leadership that goes above and beyond what is required to achieve sustainability in a company’s fleet operations. SoCalGas purchased 50 Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles earlier this year.  

The company also announced in September last year, that it would receive a fleet of Class 3 commercial trucks in 2022.  

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 SoCalGas’ investment towards its ASPIRE 2045, which aims to replace half of its road fleet with clean vehicles by 2025 and operate a zero-emission fleet by 2035, were acknowledged by the award. Currently, a third of the company’s fleet already operates on clean fuels.  

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Jawaad Malik, Vice-President of Strategy and Sustainability, and Chief Environmental Officer at SoCalGas, “This is exciting news for SoCalGas as we continue to make strides to decarbonise one of the hardest to abate sectors of the economy.  

“We continue to invest in a diverse set of innovative and advanced fleet technology such as hydrogen fuel cell, electric, and renewable natural gas-powered vehicles.  

“Adopting new, cleaner technologies and leading the fleet industry with our closed-loop recycling program will help SoCalGas and California reach our shared climate and air quality goals.”  


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