The utility on Thursday (Jan 20) announced the move as it looks to achieve its net zero 2045 climate goal, which includes replacing 50% of its over-the-road fleet with clean vehicles by 2025 and to operate a fully zero-emission fleet by 2035.

It is believed the move will make SoCalGas one of the first utilities in the nation to start transitioning its vehicles to hydrogen.

Sandra Hrna, Vice-President of Supply Chain and Operations Support at SoCalGas, said, “Each vehicle in our light-duty off-the-road fleet is drive an average of 10,000 miles per year.

“The zero-emissions Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles have a driving range of 400 miles and since they run on hydrogen, the only by-product is water.

“Transitioning some of our fleet to hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles will help us reduce emissions, moving SoCalGas closer to our net zero goal and helping California reach carbon neutrality faster.”

Doug Eroh, President and General Manager at Longo Toyota, added, “Longo Toyota is honoured to partner with SoCalGas on their strategy to reduce emissions from their vehicle fleet and we are excited to help them with the acquisition of 50 new Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicles.

“The Toyota Mirai is fuelled with hydrogen and makes its own electricity on board while only emitting clean water from its tailpipe. We look forward to working with SoCalGas in the years to come on the acquisition and service of their clean vehicle fleet.”

SoCalGas’ commitment follow’s on from the company’s partnership with Hyzon Motors, through which the utility will deploy its first hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric utility truck.

Expected to reach a maximum power of 200kW, with a range of 300 miles, the truck will be built on the existing chassis used by SoCalGas to eliminate updates for operations, servicing and training.


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