Ordered on Monday (Oct 4), the E-Bloc solution will integrate and control various distributed energy resources, including a hydrogen fuel cell, PV solar and energy storage, to form an islanded microgrid that can support the needs to a two-story home.

A first of its kind project, H2 Hydrogen Home will also see natural gas blended with hydrogen to power household appliances. As a whole, the project hopes to showcase exactly how hydrogen can power the future both in California and the wider US.

On the Pioneer Power’s involvement, Nathan Mazurek, Pioneer Power’s Chairman and CEO, said, “SoCalGas’ prototype hydrogen home is a first of its kind project that will demonstrate the once unimaginable possibilities of a fully integrated, clean energy residential system that does not depend on electrical power for a public utility grid.

“California is leading the way with its aspiration to be carbon neutral by 2045, and our participation in this highly visible project is an opportunity for us to showcase the functionality of the E-Bloc integrated power centre in a practical way.

“Beyond the H2 Hydrogen Home, we are actively engaged with a number of customers across a variety of industries, including big box retail, EV fleet charging and corporate enterprise customers that we believe will result in materially larger orders in the coming months.”

The ordered E-Bloc solution is expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year.

US DOE, General Motors, Microsoft and Plug Power

What does the US Department of Energy (DOE), General Motors, Microsoft and Plug Power have in common? They’re all speaking at H2 View’s North American Virtual Hydrogen Event in October. Will you be joining us on October 19?

North America is in a prime position to lead efforts in decarbonisation, but it still has great distances to travel. The region has been giving chase in a race to green hydrogen dominated by Europe and Asia-Pacific. If policymakers and industry can work together and take the right steps to realise a hydrogen vision, the region is perfectly placed to expand its global energy leadership at scale and speed.

What lessons can be learned from Europe’s policymakers? What are the challenges to be overcome? What are the strengths and opportunities? How can North America go from giving chase to taking a lead in hydrogen? These are all questions our virtual event will address across H2 View’s four pillars of Mobility, Power, Policy and Technology.

Further information on the event, agenda and confirmed speakers can be found here.

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