The technology improves the areas efficiency in interface layers between membranes, flow field plates and electrodes in electrolyser cells, these cells can be made both cheaper and increase peak hydrogen production.

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Smoltek developing unique, high-performance nanofiber-based cell materials for electrolysers

The hydrogen production technology that Smoltek is focusing on is called proton exchange membrane (PEM), a process that produces very pure hydrogen and has a great advantage in that it can already handle higher current density and more variables loads than alkaline electrolysis cells.

It is hoped that production of small-scale prototypes could be as early as 2023.

Ellinor Ehrnberg, President of Smoltek Innovation, said, “At the end of 2021, preparatory steps were initiated in a development collaboration with a large industrial manufacturer of materials for electrolysers. However, some delays have occurred, which means that we have not yet been able to sign an agreement or start the main part of this project.

“The ambition is to start a collaboration in 2023, or earlier, with a large manufacturer of electrolysers or components for electrolysers, where we together will build small-scale prototypes, so that Smoltek’s nanofiber-based cell material can eventually be used in future generations.”


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