Unveiled today (Feb 28), the breakthrough in ammonia technology will enable cost-competitive transportation of hydrogen in the form of ammonia directly from water at a very low temperature and pressure.

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This provides a basis to scale the technology and enable further ammonia and hydrogen production across the globe with masses of export potential.

With this, TDK Corporation will continue to invest in the green ammonia synthesis project.

Rami Reshef, co-founder and CEO of GenCell, said, “We are extremely proud and excited to report this important scientific breakthrough in our efforts to develop a novel approach to producing green ammonia, the fuel of the future, within the framework of the project we are carrying out together with the support of TDK.

“This news will certainly be of interest to the broader market seeking innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

“We believe that the new process will expand the availability of green ammonia for diverse uses, not only as fuel for the backup and off-grid solutions used by our customers, but also for a far wider range of industrial and agricultural applications.

“As such we understand this scientific breakthrough to signify strong business potential and to reinforce our strong interest in advancing the project and moving forward with our technology development towards the next milestone.”

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