Scotland boasts significant renewable energy potential and, with an abundance of offshore and onshore wind farms currently being developed, hydrogen production projects are being coupled with these to produce green hydrogen.

For instance, the Scottish Cluster is targeting a hydrogen production capacity of 3.7GW by the mid-2030’s produced from wind farms.

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By introducing green freeports, it provides a basis to integrate hydrogen technologies for maritime use in addition to creating supply and demand for the clean energy carrier.

The green freeports will have net-zero targets at the heart as prospective bidders will have to make a pledge to reach Net Zero by 2045.

The bidding process will open in Spring, closing in Summer, after which the bids will be assessed, and successful locations announced. It’s hoped that the new sites will be operational by Spring 2023.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the UK, said, “Freeports will help to accelerate our plan to level up communities across the whole of the United Kingdom.

“They have the power to be truly transformational by creating jobs and investment opportunities to enable people to reach their potential, and I am delighted that people across Scotland will reap the benefits that will come from having two new Green Freeports.”

The Green Freeports have also been welcomed throughout the hydrogen industry with Alan James, founder of Storegga, stating, “The new Scottish green freeports are an important step towards meeting our net zero commitments in the UK.

“Scotland could become a world leader in green hydrogen production from offshore wind and a net importer of liquid CO2 for permanent storage in the North Sea, recycling existing high-tech oil and gas infrastructure.

“Scotland is uniquely placed to transition its oil and gas skills and existing industry to help the rest of the UK and Europe decarbonise.”

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