In fact, a new agreement between Sasol ecoFT and Uniper is aiming to create a industry-scale production facility for SAF that will generate the clean fuel from green hydrogen.

Announced on Thursday (April 28) as part of the SkyFuelH2 joint venture, the plant will incorporate Fischer-Tropsch technology to generate SAF from green hydrogen and carbon from biomass.

This project will be situated in Långsele in Sollefteå, Sweden, boasting promising attributes to aid in the development of the facility.

Fleetwood Grobler, President and CEO of Sasol Limited, said, “We are excited to leverage our proven Fischer-Tropsch technology and 70 years of experience in running complex, integrated operations to produce and market fuels and chemicals.

“By applying green hydrogen and sustainable carbon sources as feedstock in our proprietary Power-to-Liquids (PtL) process, we can now produce sustainable fuels, thereby contributing to a thriving planet, our society and enterprises.”

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