The Rystad report, released on Tuesday (May 17), anticipates that the country, which is gearing up to host COP27 in 2023, could be a hub for hydrogen investment in years to come.

Egypt’s current green hydrogen pipeline projects will amount to 11.62GW and 1.57 million tonnes of green hydrogen, once the projects come online before 2035, according to Rystad research.

With Egypt boating favourable factors such as, natural gas infrastructure, marine ports, and solar and wind potential, it would be reasonable to assume that green hydrogen could boom in the country.

Additionally, the location of Egypt plays into its favour, with it being geographically close to the European Union and Middle East, who are set to see high demand for green hydrogen in the coming years.

Dr. Minh Khoi Le, Head of Hydrogen at Rystad Energy, said, “Egypt has all the prerequisites to become a green hydrogen giant – fantastic renewable potential, space for mega projects and construction expertise.

“The $40bn in planned investments by the Egyptian government demonstrates commitment and will bring further foreign investment.

“Sitting between three continents and with the Suez Canal carrying approximately 12% of all the seaborne freight in the world, Egypt can supply renewable energy near and far.”


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