H2 View understands the firm intends to unveil its new Filament Winding Machine FWA 1 Duplex which could be crucial in the production of larger storage vessels for applications such as commercial vehicles and hydrogen transportation.

Filament winding is a technique to manufacture hollow tanks, by winding continuous fibre tows onto a rotating mandrel. Roth says ins new machine can half the winding time thanks to the ability to winding from both sides of the spindle, which is also suitable for wet or dry and towpreg procedures.

In pursuit of showcasing its machinery that could enable the speedy delivery of storage equipment crucial for hydrogen’s widespread deployment, Roth will be exhibiting at the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX) in Anaheim, US from October 17 to 20 (2022), as well as the Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe in Bremen, Germany from October 19 to 20 (2022).

Commenting on the company’s product offering, Dr. Andreas Reimann, General Manager at Roth Composite Machinery, said, “Our new machine concept for the large-scale production of pressure vessels, particularly for the automotive industry, achieves twice the productivity of our current world market-leading standard.

“The new gantry machine generation addresses the highly productive manufacture of vessels for the usage and transportation of hydrogen.”


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