Revealed today (Oct 8), the project is seen as a follow on from the first Refhyne project which produced Europe’s largest PEM electrolyser, with Refhyne II set to install a 100MW electrolyser at Shell’s Energy and Chemicals Park in the Rheinland.

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It is believed that the green hydrogen produced at this site will support Shell in producing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) as it targets zero-emission fuels for the mobility market.

The project will first see an engineering design phase which will then be closely followed by a final investment decision in late 2022 ahead of delivery for 2024.

Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power, said, “Having successfully delivered the 10 MW Refhyne I project, the consortium partners will take the experience and learning they have gained to scale up tenfold for Refhyne II.

“This is a world leading project that demonstrates the increasing commitment by governments and industry to decarbonise, at scale, using zero carbon footprint green hydrogen.

“We are delighted to be a part of it.”

Paul Bogers, Vice-President of Hydrogen at Shell, said, “Refhyne II is an important project for Shell as part of our drive towards developing and scaling our green hydrogen capabilities.

“It will contribute to our efforts to build markets for hydrogen and successively reduce costs, in line with our strategy to help our partners and customers decarbonise and move towards net-zero emissions.”

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