With the facility set to launch in 2023, Aragón will see an influx of hydrogen production with the project not only removing 75 tonnes of organic solid waste per year but will use this to generate 1,600 metric tonnes of renewable hydrogen each year.

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This not only supports the company’s European expansion but could additionally integrate hydrogen technologies into the Spanish energy vector.

It is expected that this could cause a domino effect and convince further companies to transition to hydrogen and adopt sustainable practices whilst reducing the carbon footprint of the local area.

Matt Murdock, CEO of Raven SR, said, “As we advance the commercialisation of renewable hydrogen and synthetic fuels produced from waste, we are well-positioned in Europe by launching operations here in Aragón, which is at the forefront of developing the new hydrogen economy for the energy transition.

“We appreciate that local officials in Europe, especially Arturo and his colleague, Carlos Javier Navarro Espada, Aragón director-general of industries, recognise that renewable hydrogen is readily achievable, here and now.”

Arturo Aliaga, Vice-President and Minister of Industry, Competitiveness and Business Development of the Regional Government of Aragón, said, “This project is fully aligned with the vision of the Government of Aragón for the development and implementation of new hydrogen technologies and contribute to ambitious European decarbonisation objectives,”

“We have been promoting initiatives related to hydrogen in Aragón for more than two decades and our region has become the gateway to the European market.”

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