FFI’s membership in Qlimate is the first step towards developing algorithms to solvie computer-centred bottlenecks in modelling proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology and pulse electrolysis.

It is hoped that the technology could accelerate the progression of the hydrogen industry to meet climate targets on schedule.

The initiative, based in Silicon Valley, US, is dedicated to help mitigate climate change, and is backed by PsiQuantum, a company building a ‘fault-tolerant quantum computer’, said to be the first of its kind.

Qlimate focuses on partnering with leading companies in decarbonisation to maximise climate impact and facilitate access to the first generation of its fault-tolerant quantum computers.

Jeremy O’Brien, Co-founder and CEO of PsiQuantum, said, “We are delighted that FFI shares our vision and is willing to take ambitious steps towards delivering some of the most promising decarbonisation tools for potentially taking years off the path to Net Zero, helping the world to get back onto the target 1.5°C trajectory.

“Through this joint effort, we expect to improve the efficiency of green hydrogen electrolysis and significantly decrease production costs, helping build a viable green hydrogen economy.”

FFI and Qlimate announced the membership agreement at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Dr. Andrew Forrest, Chairman of Foretescue Future Industries, said, “The Qlimate initiative with leading quantum computing company PsiQuantum is critical to lowering emissions through green energy production, and this partnership, through greater knowledge, will help to achieve that faster.

“PsiQuantum’s fault-tolerant quantum computer could be a leading light in technology for green hydrogen, and FFI as a first mover in green tech will help make it happen.”


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