The move from the integrated compressed hydrogen developer comes as the company attempts to benefit from Europe’s position as a key region for hydrogen technology commercialisation.

Provaris says, Oslo is already an established hub for gas-carrier companies, with access to ship owners, engineering companies, and equipment suppliers.

Commenting on the European branch out, Martin Carolan, CEO of Provaris, said, “The company has experienced an increase in opportunities across many supply and demand hubs in Europe, so it makes sense to be closer to technical partners, suppliers and off-takers.”

As part of the expansion into Europe, Provaris has said it will relocate its Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Per Roed, to speed up the company’s growth in the region.

“Oslo is an established hub for gas-carrier companies, with relevant ship owners, engineering companies and equipment suppliers all present,” Said Roed, “This will allow Provaris to leverage local knowledge and expertise as we grow in the years ahead.

“To help Europe’s energy crisis and meet its 2030 decarbonisation goals, the EU has a plan for the internal production of 10 million tonnes of hydrogen and the importation of another 10 million tonnes. Norway also has hydrogen high on their agenda, and compression is widely accepted as a means for production and distribution.”

Provaris has been developing its flagship hydrogen carrier the GH2, which features a proprietary cargo containment system, allowing hydrogen to be safely managed at 250 bar pressure.

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On Tuesday (August 23) the company revealed its Tiwi H2 green hydrogen project which plans to produce 100,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year for export to the wider Asia-Pacific region, had been awarded Major Project Status by the State Government of the Northern Territory.

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