Coming in tandem with the European Commission’s REPowerEU Plan to transform the continent’s energy system, Progressus has said its technology has a place in that transformation.

The US based company released in March this year, its ‘H2 Home Power Unit’, which can power an entire home using hydrogen.

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The EU has committed to a target of 10 million tonnes of domestic hydrogen production and 10 million tonnes of additional hydrogen imports by 2030, with hydrogen intended to replace natural gas, coal, and oil in hard to decarbonise industries.

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A spokesperson at Progressus Clean Technology, said, “Our commitment to the development of clean hydrogen and power technologies for application in homes and industries around the globe is stronger than ever. Leadership by nation states in setting ambitious clean energy goals are essential.

“The most recent announcement enables new projects and technologies that will make a meaningful impact for the environment, economy and in this case – global security.

“Progressus is well positioned to play a key role in helping Europe achieve their 2030 targets.”

North American Hydrogen Summit  

H2 View is taking its events platform to America’s original clean hydrogen hub of California. Together with the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP), we will stage our North American Hydrogen Summit in San Francisco on July 14-15.

As our summit theme Building Bridges: Hydrogen hubs and investment suggests, the event will explore the $8bn of funding announced to create at least four regional hydrogen hubs in the US. These hubs will turbo-charge the nation’s progress toward heavy trucking and industrial sectors that run without producing carbon pollution – and they may just provide the path forward to a hydrogen-fuelled future.

With California and Texas vying to be America’s hydrogen capital today, where are the hubs of tomorrow? Further still, what can other states, and countries, learn from California’s success story? And how can we build bridges to a successful flow of international investment?

If you are a member of the CaFCP, be sure to grab your ticket at a discounted rate with a code that can be provided to you by the events team.

Full information about this event including attendance and sponsorship packages can be found here.