Project UFER (ultra-fast explosion relief) launched in 2021 by Rhino HySafe has focused on developing products that will provide hydrogen refuelling stations and other sites with technologies engineered to reduce the risks associated with explosions.

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HySafe has developed a product range including various sizes of explosion relief panels, designed to protect nearby people and buildings, having seen funding from the Welsh Government in the UK, as part of its SMARTCymru Project.

H2 View understands physical explosion tests on its products are scheduled for mid-September at RAF Spadeadam, Cumbria, with DNV set to conduct the tests, they are anticipated to be concluded within the month.

HySafe says the design and non-linear finite element analysis (NLFEA) work has indicated that its design of the UFER panel should exceed initial design parameters.

If proved successful in testing, the UFER panel are expected to be on the market before March 2023, according to the company,

Andrew Davies, Project General Manager at Rhino HySafe, said, “We’re very much looking forward to putting the UFER panel to the test this month. After a year of research and development, it’s brilliant to be taking our initial design concept from theory to a physical, marketable product which has myriad practical applications.

“Pending the successful completion of this testing, we could be looking to bring this product to market ahead of schedule, providing a highly innovative solution for the global hydrogen market.”

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