H2 View understands the planned station will serve work vehicles at the port, as Ports of Stockholm strive to reach its environmental target of fossil-free truck operations by 2025.

The port has said the procurement process will include the delivery of the station as well as bringing it into operation, which is expected to be completed by January 2023.

In June (2022), Ports of Stockholm and CMB.TECH revealed they were seeking to integrate a hydrogen refuelling station at the port, as well as the wider introduction of hydrogen into the port’s operations, as it stives to be completely fossil fuel-free by 2030.

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Johan Wallén, Chief Commercial Officer at Ports of Stockholm, commented, “Hydrogen will play a crucial role in converting to fossil fuel-free transport, both on land and at sea. This hydrogen fuelling station is part of converting our work vehicles to run on hydrogen and is the first step towards achieving Ports of Stockholm’s goal for our work vehicles to operate fossil fuel-free by 2025.”

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