Pinnacle West has stated that it intends to become involved in the production and use of hydrogen as a clean energy source which includes the construction of an electrolyser facility.

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The CHS currently has nearly 70 members that are all dedicated to hydrogen safety and its practices.

Members of the CHS have access to a select panel that consists of hydrogen experts with more than 500 project reviews dedicated to best safety practices when using hydrogen.

With hydrogen safety and best practices such a key issue when educating the population about the benefits of hydrogen, in joining the group, it is hoped that this could help generate popularity for the clean energy carrier.

Nick Barilo, Executive Director of the CHS, said, “Pinnacle West has a legacy of environmental stewardship and has demonstrated leadership in prioritising safety in its transition to clean energy.

“We are proud to welcome them into our community and look forward to supporting them in achieving their goals.”