Of their considerable growth since partnering with Arcline Investments, a new facility opening in Q1 2022 more than doubling PDC’s production capacity stands out as a highlight. This facility will continue to support local, quality job growth in the suburbs of Philadelphia as PDC continues its global expansion.

But one of the highest profile projects PDC supported was itself a massive undertaking, a communal global venture sidelined for years because of the Covid crisis: The Beijing Olympics.

As residents, travelers, and athletes alike sought transport to the games, they were greeted by buses and stations uncommon to the games prior, emblazoned with H2 logos and the logo of the Beijing Olympics. Personal vehicles filtered in and out through the new stations on their way to their destination.

Fuel cell vehicles had taken over the Beijing Olympics, providing thousands upon thousands of travellers and athletes with green hydrogen transport to and from the games and the surrounding festivities.

These fleets were supported by the robust engine of PDC compressors, ensuring reliable hydrogen fueling for this green transit throughout the duration of the event. Despite the somewhat-reduced number of attendants due to COVID concerns, Beijing 2022 remained a massive undertaking, with an estimated budget over $35bn. Such an enormous effort needed reliable hydrogen compressors to support their decarbonisation efforts, and PDC delivered, with the machines running day and night to ferry travellers to-and-fro – with no emissions.

PDC Machines was also pleased to deploy multiple SimpleFuel™ units across the globe. SimpleFuel, a collaboration with IVYS Energy, is an on-site hydrogen generation, compression, storage and fueling appliance that uses water and electricity to produce high purity fuel cell-grade hydrogen. SimpleFuel converts 3.8 gallons of filtered water into enough hydrogen fuel to fill one hydrogen powered vehicle to travel over 360 miles.

The SimpleFuel is capable of compressing at multiple different bar thresholds, fuelling everything from forklifts and buses at 350bar, up to vehicles at 700bar bar. The versatility and small footprint of SimpleFuel enables it to be deployed nearly anywhere and makes it ideal for scaling green hydrogen to the point where it becomes a viable consumer product. SimpleFuel can be used to replace gas station infrastructure and thus decarbonize both public transit and single passenger vehicles, as well as having applications in manufacturing settings.

PDC Machines is proud to be on the cutting edge of green hydrogen as its usage worldwide explodes and countries like Japan and South Korea commit to a greater hydrogen strategy, helping to combat climate change and enabling a scalable transformation of infrastructure.

PDC serves the hydrogen, compressor, and industrial gas markets. Worldwide, PDC’s installations represent the cutting edge of the hydrogen industry, serving organizations from government to professional sports and universities.

PDC is headquartered in Warminster, PA with additional locations in high-growth hydrogen energy markets including China, Japan, South Korea and the EU. Founded in 1977 by Sy Afzal, PDC was added to the Arcline Investment Management portfolio in mid 2021.

Green in more ways than one: An interview with PDC Machines

Ever since its founding in a Philadelphia-based garage back in 1977, the story of PDC Machines has been an eventful one. And what once stood as an industrial gases and chemicals solutions provider, is now one of world’s most renowned compressor manufacturers, supplying the hydrogen economy globally.

PDC Machines’ diaphragm gas compressors are integral to hydrogen refuelling stations and therefore a product which is currently very high in demand due to the ever-evolving hydrogen mobility market. In fact, PDC Machines’ CEO Kareem Afzal explained just how integral the company’s products are, when he sat down with H2 View for an exclusive interview.

“Today, our unit volume is more than double the volume of last year and our revenue is 80% higher than last year. Companies around the world are using our product to fuel cars, forklifts, busses, trucks, planes and trains; really anything that requires high pressure compression for mobility applications, energy storage and a variety of other energy applications,” Afzal enthused.

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